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This website is here to help everyone who is a family member
or a friend of our family keep in touch with each other and
hopefully learn more about each other. My name is Donald
Kannapel, the son of Bill Kannapel. Everyone calls me Donny.
I have to mention my father's name because I'm not the only
Donald Kannapel. My uncle's name, who is my father's
brother,  is also Donald Kannapel. Everyone calls him Donny.
My uncle Donny's son is also named Donald Kannapel but
everyone calls him Joe. They call him Joe because I was born
before he was and he was stuck with his middle name, Joseph.
So I should apologize to Joe for taking his first name away
from him. If Joe would have been born before me, I would have
probably been called Patrick, my middle name. I'm glad I was
born first. So my name is Donald Patrick Kannapel. My uncle's
name is George Donald Kannapel and his son's name is
Donald Joseph Kannapel. I bet most of you didn't know this
tid-bit of information.

One of the goals of our website is to list all family members
and their never-ending new additions. New additions come in
many forms. New-born babies are the obvious, but the guy or
girl who actually marries into our family, are a lot more fun to
watch. It sometimes takes years to try to understand the
Kannapel family philosophy. It's really simple. We care for
each other and even though we only get together a few times
a year, we really do feel a bond with each other.

Family members that want to send information or pictures to
be posted on our site can send them to

Donny Kannapel
10373 S. Rudolph Rd.
Fredericksburg, Indiana  47120
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